Detective Deborah Vittie-Pagliaro

Detective Deborah Vittie-Pagliaro retired in June of 2012, following a 31year career with the Toronto Police Service. Her career path led her from front line and community patrol duties, to what would be her true passion: criminal investigation. Deborah is an accredited investigator in the area of sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence. Deborah worked in a busy downtown Toronto division where she specialized in the investigation of sensitive, sexual assault and domestic violence cases. Deborah was involved with a Justice based Diversion Program as a regular guest presenter at “John School”, and “Choices”, a proactive holistic seminar delivered to those involved in the sex trade.

Deborah was a member of the elite Sexual Assault Squad where she spent 4 years investigating numerous serious, sexual assaults. During this tenure Deborah was a member of 2 high profile child abduction / homicide investigation task forces. She performed the role of both family liaison officer and investigator.

Deborah left the Sexual Assault Squad to serve as the Domestic Violence Coordinator, where she was responsible for overseeing the model for police response to domestic violence, ensuring that the policy was in constant alignment with provincial adequacy standards, and legislated responsibilities. She coordinated and delivered requisite training to investigators and uniformed officers on a regular basis in this regard. Moreover, Deborah delivered presentations to international police agencies interested in the Toronto Police model as their own gold standard. Deborah represented the Toronto Police Service on numerous committees; most notably, the Domestic Violence Death Review Committee, chaired by the Office of the Chief Coroner and made up of professionals representing the health, academic, legal and community advocate sectors. She was an active participant of a co-location project committee working toward the creation of a Family Justice Centre and she was regularly called upon as a guest presenter for conferences, justice panels and community town hall forums on the issue of violence against women.

Deborah engaged the partnership of York University and Seneca College in a community awareness campaign aimed at domestic violence within cultural communities, and participated in a town hall forum presented by the CBC on domestic violence within the South East Asian Community. Deborah continues to contribute to the work aimed at violence against women and children, as a Director on the board for Kid Internet Safety Alliance (KINSA) and the Canadian Centre for Abuse Awareness (CCAA).

Deborah retired from the Professional Standards Unit where she investigated complaints of police misconduct, workplace harassment and worked in partnership with the Office of the Independent Review Directorate (OIPRD). She delivered training to the rank and file on professional compliance as a risk management strategy including Bill 168.

After leaving the police service, Deborah’s skills and knowledge proved invaluable in her role at Manulife Financial where she conducted complex investigations, and worked closely with HR professionals when addressing internal matters. Deborah co-founded Investigative and Corporate Evaluation Inc. (ICE Inc.) recognizing a need in the private sector for third party expertise in response to delicate workplace issues.

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