Maureen Tabuchi

Maureen Tabuchi knew from the time she was a little girl that she wanted to be a lawyer. But after she fulfilled her dream of working as a Bay Street lawyer doing Mergers and Acquisitions Tax with a Master’s degree in tax, she realized that it was not everything she thought it would be.

Disappointed, burned out and disheartened, she spent the next two years “finding herself.” She didn’t think she would ever go back into law. Then one day her personal trainer asked for assistance in closing a house purchase. This led to the start of a successful, exciting and fulfilling real estate practice.

Later, when clients reached out for assistance with their divorces Maureen would refer these clients to well known family law lawyers. Then… the disasters would start to unfold. Years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, these clients still did not have their issues resolved. The children had been traumatized. How could this happen? What went wrong?

Divorce is a difficult time. It’s right up there beside death as one of the most difficult things anyone could possibly face. And most people are not getting the help they need. It has become Maureen’s mission in life to learn family law and find out ways for not-as-friendly couples to find a friendlier resolution. Since starting her solo practice, Maureen has attracted the attention and support of divorce professionals and experts worldwide. She often asks this question of her clients: Do you want to fund your retirement plan or your lawyer’s? Your children’s education or that of your lawyer’s children? You can keep your post-divorce life intact, your children as happy as possible and your ex-spouse onside with important family decisions. Amicable Divorce: It is possible.

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