Tina Cole

Known most affectionately as “Mama Swag”, donned upon her by both the emerging artists and young business professionals she mentors, Tina Cole has been driving and inspiring a standard of excellence in business over the last 30 years and now as a business leader turned philanthropist, brings her tenured success to the Canadian Entertainment Industry.

Ms. Cole draws from her seasoned business acumen in all aspects of business development. From branding, to operations re-structure, investor strategy, and even corporate promotion, TinaCole has done it all for big business. She is now bringing these vital business disciplines and focused business strategies to the Canadian music scene in a grass roots way. Her entrepreneurial drive and wealth of insights as to what really creates success and profitability has now been infused into one of her greatest passions; music – developing, elevating and launching Canadian creative talent to the international platform in our varied, contemporary, and digital landscape, while doing so from right here at home!
Tina is co-founder of The Music Quadrant ©, an academic approach to artist development. The program is facilitated by a passionate group of business and creative professionals committed to empowering Canadian talent. The curriculum is designed and delivered to provide the aspiring artists (artists, songwriters and composers) with the skills, tools and knowledge required in creating, marketing, and commercializing their talent on a local, national and international level.
Tina’s mission to see Canadian artists rise to the top of the international charts is driven by passion, her own personal journey and a true sense of community. Her years of volunteer service with the Peel Youth Justice Committee, where she makes a difference in the lives of youths from all different backgrounds, and her work as Executive Co-Chair for the Mississauga ITALFEST, exemplify the spirit of giving that she believes is essential in any genuine endeavor, and to the essence of music itself.

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